The Volunteer Board


Dream Scott - President

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Melissa Blenker - Vice-President

I love helping PTO with new events and planning them for our school kids and families to enjoy. Through PTO we are able to show our teachers and staff at school how much we appreciate them! I have 4 children with 2 in school right now and 2 more that will be eventually! I am a new girl scout leader which has been so fun! I also serve on several other boards along with PTO and am an owner at Community Insurance. In my spare time(LOL) I serve as an ambassador with the Portage County Business Council. I couldn't participate in all of these activities without the support from my awesome husband!


Charity Uhl - Treasurer

My name is Charity Uhl. I was raised in Amherst and went to Amherst elementary and high school. I am a proud alumni who joined the PTO to become an active participant in my children’s school life. I have a 26-year-old son a almost 10 year old son and a seven year old daughter. In the span of the last 26 years as an Amherst Parents, I have been active in different organizations such as Pop warner football, middle school football, high school football, gymnastics and I am very proud to be the treasurer of Amhurst elementary and middle school PTO. I love being an active participant in the organizing of many of our PTO events, I work as many of our events as I can. Besides the PTO, being a football mom and gymnastics mom I also own a Daycare in the Village Of Amherst. 

Rachel Jensen - Secretary

I joined the PTO the year after we moved back to Amherst to have more connection with my kids’ activities. I have three boys in the elementary and this is a great way to be involved with that part of their life! I am a full-time photographer and we raise just a few cows so I’m able to work a lot of PTO events into my schedule. We’re all enjoying being Falcons!